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Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Little Girl Called Hope

In some countries children with disabilities are considered unadoptable and sent to institutions at a very young age, around four or five years, there to spend the rest of their lives.

I fell in love with one such child. Absolutely adorable, she had tawny colored hair and beautiful amber colored eyes, and she is almost five years old and from what I was able to read about her I would think she is very much aware about how bad she wants to have a mother. I call her Hope here, but that is not her name.

However, chances of that happening for her are very slim. For everyone to help will make them grow.

You see, Hope has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and though by the description given she can walk, talk, play and seems to be aware and independent enough - she will soon be sent to an institution to live. Once there she will most likely become unadoptable.

I wanted to adopt her. I checked her page each night, still do, to see if she was still there. She is.

But I did not meet the requirement for her country - as I am single. I took a shot in the dark
and asked about her the same. And as it is - I am not allowed by thier law to do so. And so Hope remains in an Ukrainian orphanage just shy of being sent to an institution. And Hope is just one child of many faced with this bleak future. Inspired by her and seeking a family for her - this blog was started - in hope of helping the faces of the Red Thread Children like her, disabled or able-bodied, domestic or international, wherever they are to find their forever homes.

Hope will be the first child listed as needing a home here.

So here is to Hope. And are you her family? Do you know of a family hoping to adopt a precious four or five year old little girl? Can you pass the word of her and this blog along?

For more information on where to find out about her please contact me through email or by adding comments - soon. She really has very limited time left.

[This picture is not an actual picture. Features are not exact. Thank you.]

Thank you for visiting this blog.

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Kimmie said...

Hi Debrah;

May God put His hand on her life and may He stir the heart of the family who He is calling to adoption...He is in the connecting business. Father, we are asking that you bring Hope a loving family, one who will bless her with love and bring the touch that she so desperately is longing for. This isn't too big for you God, we ask it in Jesus' name. amen.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Susansweaters said...

You know there are many kids in any country who have disabilities and need a good home. I have a kid like that in my home. I did not give birth to this child. He is autistic with delays. He needed a place to go and so he is here. If you are interested in helping a child, you really don't have to go far away.
Mamma to 15
one homemade, 2 adopted (with one grandchild), 12 fostered

The Red Thread Kids: said...

Susan, you are absolutely right there are kids needing homes everywhere. Near or far, God doesn't say just specific ones. Nor do I.

Along with links to international adoptions there are links to foster care adoption, embryo adoption and likewise here too.

Most disabled children overseas are put into insane asylums at the age of about four or five years old. Adult insane asylums. Do a search for it like I did, credible sources have videos of these Eastern European places. And I couldn't imagine this particular little girl -nor any other child- ever having to live there. And so I made this blog to help her and other kids -everywhere- needing families of their own. I am glad to say Mary now has a home. Thank you so much for posting, and take care.

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