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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Adopt a Blind Child

UPDATE 02.20.12: I am happy to announce that Dmitriy has been found by a family! And since I've had several visitors come to this page by searching for 'adopt blind children' here are a few more links to kids who need us:
















"I brought children into this dark world because it needed the light that only a child can bring." ~Liz Armbruster.

I wrote the title the way I did in hopes of drawing people in from search engines whom are looking for a beautiful little boy! Welcome to my blog!

Meet sweet Dmitriy, he has been waiting on Reece's Rainbow for almost 3 years. [his name is a link to the page he is on, you might have to scroll a bit to find him and a bit more info there] This is the same Dmitry I've posted about here before and I would commit to him and bring him home in a matter of seconds if I could. But I can't.... so how about you? I am following Mara's adoption, and Freddie's too, hopefully I can follow Dmitriy's soon too!

Clicking on his 'label' below will bring you to other entries I have written with him in it, including one with a picture he was younger in. Someone go get sweet Dmitriy for their own. :)


Hope4 Dmitriy said...

Hello, my husband and I have been trying to locate Dmitriy in the Ukraine. Do you know which orphanage/ area he is? Because we are in Australia we cannot use an agency like Reece's Rainbow, but must apply through the Australian government directly. We too felt an instant connection the minute we first saw his beautiful face. Jacq

Amanda said...

I came back from ky Lenten internet fast to find that the family who was adopting Dmitry is no longer listed as such. They are now adopting two girls instead and their blog has been changed to private. Does anyone out there know what happened?

The Red Thread Kids: said...

..oh no. I didn't know. I will see if I can find out...

Hope4 Dmitriy said...

Hello, I can tell you the good news that Dmitriy is now living with his new family in America (I have seen some very happy snaps of him and he looks so happy and loved). They are a wonderful faithful family who really adore him as their own. They are very special people. Please pray for them. We had been advocating for him through Reece's Rainbow since we saw him three years ago. Thank you too for holding out a light for him through your wonderful blog. The Grandy Family, Australia.

The Red Thread Kids: said...

There we go. Dmitriy has a home. :) Thank you so much, for this wonderful news. Thank you too, for giving him a light. Of course I will pray for them.

Thank you God.


Our Family HIS way said...

Would you please share this video!!We are going through the process of adopting our son Aiden and need people to spread this video to the masses.


The Red Thread Kids: said...

Absolutely I will!

Thank you so much!

Mr. Cummins said...

My name is Sam and my wife Ann and I are going to adopt a little girl with anophthalmia named Bethany from the Republic of Georgia. She is 2 1/2, blind, and so beautiful!

This will be our first child. However, my wife is a teacher for students with visual impairments and we have both worked with many wonderful children who or blind or low vision over the years, including a few with anophthalmia.

We are currently raising funds to help pay the legal and country fees to bring her home (they will be over $25,000). One way we are doing this is by running a half marathon where my wife will be blindfolded and I will be her guide runner. We are hope to be able to raise enough to bring Bethany home as quickly as possible.

We would love any ideas, support, or advice the community here can give. Has anyone else adopted a child with anophthalmia? Any great resources, books, websites, other organizations that we can look into as we prepare to bring Bethany home?

For more information about our adoption, please visit cumminsadopt.webbly.com or feel free e-mail me at cummins12087@gmail.com

Thank you for any help you can give! Thank you for being a blessing and encouragement!


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