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Thursday, July 8, 2010

S.O.S: I am not kidding

As a teenager I went to church camp every year, one summer the theme of the camp was S.O.S. -- not meaning the "save our ship" that is normally accredited for, but instead: "Save Our Souls"

What Faith is About:

...hey everyone,

Its true, I don't know you. I thought I shouldn't post this so open and bare to a world of strangers I don't know, I was afraid to, I was afraid of what you would all think and do. Then I realised that was what the devil wanted -- for me to be afraid to speak up for people who don't have a voice; so they will remain in the silent dark of his misery even as they scream so loud with voices that cannot be heard.

Mine can.

So how can I turn away from someone whom needs me to talk for her most? I can't. So even at the risk of my own comfort and security -- here goes:

I wanted to make this a post with all sorts of description, but I don't have the words... something so tragic is hanging in balance, so horrifically tragic and unfair to one little child whom has no say in the matter.

Please, please, please, please.... even if I don't know you, even if you came to this blog by mistake or by a search engine or by some random link, please stop and say a prayer for little Mara today, that a miracle might move in two people who play an important part in a decision for her that will effect the rest of her life.

I have to be Cryptic, but God understands. Will you take this leap of faith with me for one little orphan girl? Will you take a few moments to pray for an absolute stranger at the request of someone you've never met without an idea what its really about? Will you take that leap of faith? Will you past the request on? All of you --- please...

In faith,

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Kimmie said...


God is holding your Mara, He would say "Fear not Debrah."

Wait and see (and trust) that He is indeed good, not only for your life, but especially for Mara's.

The prayers of the righteous have victory (availeth) much!

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