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Friday, April 10, 2009

Ruslana's Red Thread?

Does it lead to you? From her file on her page at Reece's Rainbow:


Girl, Born January 21, 2005


Ruslana is a beautiful little girl. She has brown hair and deep brown eyes. She is already 4 and facing imminent institutionalization. The director will not be able to hold her at this point, so you would be adopting her from the institution :( Time is CRUCIAL for Ruslana, as the mortality rate after transfer is quite low.

Ruslana has particularly low tone, and has not had therapy, so she is still not walking. She is very close though, and gets around quite well! She is described as a very happy and affectionate little girl who loves to play with her dolls. We all know that with therapy and focus and a loving family, she will blossom and show the world just how amazing and resilient our children really are!

Ruslana does have an oval window, but she is not considered in need of surgery at this time. You would want to follow up with a cardiologist once you are home, though.

Please give Ruslana the opportunity to be all she can be!! She has very little time left.


Please keep this child in your prayers, please pass word of her along, please sponsor her adoption by clicking the button for her at the right. If you are interested in adopting her please contact Andrea at Reece's Rainbow today!

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