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Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Do.

Hi All,

This is me, stepping out from behind the curtain for a moment. I am Debrah, single, early 30's - living in Arizona. For days, I've been trying to answer a question here I have been asked a few times. And that is not a bad thing at all, I am glad people have asked it.

And that question is if I plan on adopting a child myself.

I do. Funny isn't it, as that is what people say with their wedding vows. Those two binding words bring families together. My 'I do' in this case is followed by - I will. I will adopt however many and whomever God wants me to adopt. But at the moment things on this Earth are not ready for me to start that family. I am not by far living on the street but at the moment I am struggling to make ends meet for just myself.

I am already in the adoption process however with finding a place to raise kids, and I have found that place. I am sitting in what will one day be their bedroom even as I write this note. Next I have to find a way to not eat Ramen noodles and Spaghetti O's for dinner every night.

For me, the process began there - moving into a home with room for children. And I did it, that was my first step. That was a step I've worked on for the past year. I have kept quiet about it yes, it did not quite yet feel time to mention it openly or too many people yet. But the question has been asked and now at last, I can breath out, and say - yes, 'I do' want to adopt, and am already working my way forward with that goal in mind. My next is the ability to support them. I think I will have that accomplished by the end of spring or next summer - and then you might find the faces of my own red thread children on here.

I am feeling led to the US Foster System this first time, probably a six to eight year old is the feeling I am getting at this moment, minority group or with siblings. Its not really up to me as to who and when, you see. And though I don't know who or where they are God does know who and where they are. That said, I pray for my kids each day.

Thanks for asking this question. I do plan to, and I will, and am having to start at a few steps further back than some people do but, this is where my heart lies and I am working to make it happen.

In the meantime I try and advocate for kids like Valessa and Becky - Becky who is being sent into an institution this coming march. These places are horrible, they tie kids to beds, they leave them in cribs until their bones are so stiff they cannot even move and a rigor mortis like state sets in - for the rest of their lives. Once in they are in most cases no longer adoptable. And these are just a very very small handful of examples.

I am not making this up. I wish I was. You can find credible information on it all over the internet.

I don't want to leave this on that grim note. So, please join me when you read this in a prayer for all these children. About 7% of the Christian population alone can lead to no more orphans in the entire world. That's it. I read the site Over the Moon With Joy and encourage you to visit there. I have decided to join her prayers that adoption might be brought into people's hearts, that all these kids might come home.

And that is not to say only Christan's should adopt. Love is something that belongs to everyone everywhere. Its just to display a 'statistical measurement' of how few people it would really take. :)

Reece's Rainbow too, is a good place to start if you are looking for these kids. In the past two years alone they have found homes for over 120 kids with special needs and Down Syndrome.

Peace be with you this day.

Take care.


[Stepping back behind the curtain now]

1 comment:

Kimmie said...

Hi Debrah;

Oh, I like you from the front side of the curtain. How cool that you are moving towards adoption-that is awesome. I am excited for you and glad you have put together a plan of attack. I get so frustrated from people who say they want to adopt, but then years later never get beyond the words to action. Makes me crazy actually.

Bless your new place...I am sure that 8 year old will love it.

Sending my love, have a Merry Christmas sweet friend.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

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