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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Christmas Miracle for Alexsey:

There is no time to make up names or cut corners in this post. Meet Alexsey, who is waiting in a Ukrainian Orphanage for his forever home. Other bloggers have posted about him as well, some whom have met him in person and some whom have not. They say he is very sweet, active and happy, talkative, cognitively able and loves having his picture taken, I mean - look the eyes we have going on in this shot. Isn't he adorable.

However, Alexsey does have spina bifida, which qualifies him as having a special need. In just two months Alexsey will turn four. And while most children will be having parties and cake and opening presents, little Alexsey will be facing institutionalization. Stories are heard and videos can be seen of people languishing in some of these places, hungry and cold, with little to eat, some with rags for clothing and people are often tied to beds - children, adults and elderly alike.

Some of these people, now senior citizens, have probably been there since around age four.

For Alexsey's Christmas Miracle lets find him a home. What he needs is a mom and dad. Singles cannot adopt. Please, visit www.reecesrainbow.com and ask Andrea -the woman in charge there- about little Alexsey today.

If you cannot adopt him yourself, as I can't, per their rules and restrictions. Please save his picture and post about him on your blog.

Together we can all make a difference and find this little boy's family this year.

You will have to scroll down, down, down but for stories of special needs kids visit the buttons in the right side of my bar: "Emma's Hope" is a good place to start to see how much promise these children have. Also in My Bloglist: "Ukrainian Adoption Journey" and of Course - "Bring Mary Home;" Mary Darina McConnell -previously known as 'Hope' on this blog. I have had the honor of following her adoption story. Thank you to her beautiful family for that privilege.

Do not believe the horror stories.

Lets bring all these kids home.

Take care everyone.

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