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Friday, June 25, 2010

Stop Reading and Go Get Them...

Hi Everyone.

About the blog title, I don't say it bitterly, I don't say it with anger or with contempt. I say it as a plea. 90% of you are likely on this blog because you are interested in some way about adoption. That said -- if you can adopt, if you meet the requirements, adopt, do it now. Go and get one of these kids, or one of these kids. They are not just a last resort to infertility -- they are children. If you can't adopt right now sponsor or talk about them any way you can so that someone who can adopt can go and get them.

If you are here and haven't thought of adopting, why not? Do you qualify? If you've always thought you would adopt 'someday' then why isn't that day today? These kids cannot wait for 'someday' -- I can't write it enough, their lives are at stake RIGHT NOW.

Does it cost alot -- you bet. Isn't it a hassle -- absolutely so. Won't having a kid shake up your life so much more than the comfortable way you live it now -- yes, wonderfully so. Do you think they are comfortable sitting in cribs, barely being fed and only being 'bathed' part of the time? Shouldn't we be compassionate enough to give up our comfortable lives only to help the lives of a little boy or girl, or at that -- a big boy or girl-- that they might be comfortable, happy and fed? And when its all said and done this child will become such a part of your life you couldn't imagine how you ever lived without them in it?

I am struggling with my own trial, I have been now for six years. My question to God was this; "What is all this free agency stuff? How come I can't have what I want? How come I have to give up my own happiness and everything I want all the time so everyone else can be happy? How come I have to give up everything I have for someone else?" I prayed this question, I begged this question, I shouted this question out in anger for years... years.

And one night while cleaning the tables at work I was hit with the answer to that question; Jesus gave up everything -- everything for all of us. He gave up everything for people who even hated him ...aren't we supposed to be like Jesus?

So how much will it cost? Won't it be hard? Won't it hurt and will it make a difference to get one of these kids?

How much did it cost Jesus to do what he did for us? Don't you think it was hard? Don't you think it hurt?

And now the big one: Don't you think it made a difference?

I am not asking you to save the world, just the world for one little kid. You can be the difference in thier lives, you can take them out of these cribs and love them, and they can be the difference in your lives too... amazingly so.

Adeye writes it better than I can ever say in this entry on her blog. Look at those kids everyone. Those children specifically and that blog entry inspired this blog entry. Could one of them be yours? Really, one little child? Isn't it worth it?

I will keep talking for them. Keep in mind, you can speak your mind, yell at me all you want and tell me how out of line I am -- but I will not post the comment here. This blog is about HOPE and that is what I am trying to do here. Such a small percentage of the population can make it so there are no more orphans in this world. So -- why don't we?

On a side note,

Mara, the little girl I fell in love with, has disappeared from the Reece's Rainbow site and I don't know why. I had hoped she finally had a family but every time I check she's not posted on the my family found me page yet. So pray for Mara with me? That she might be ok.

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