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Sunday, October 3, 2010

From the Ground Up:

A blog friend of mine recently went to EE and brought home an older boy whom had been on my heart for years. It was amazing to see their journey and I found myself wishing to adopt an older child as well. Sure, it may be a struggle, there will be adjustments, but is the same when new people of any age comes into your life, and not just kids. What a blessing for sure. My blogging friend has now started advocating for the older orphans of E.E. on a new blog: EE's Orhans.

Bringing home an older child is different yes. They are who they are, bringing with them memories in tact that adoptive parents treasure for younger children whom cannot remember for themselves and whole heartily pass on to help them achieve a sense of identity.

Older children have their own memories and an already developing sense of identity. And while some of those memories might not be good ones, I would think surely they cannot all be bad ones either. After all who does not have some bad memories? Who hasn't been hurt? What about the fun memories or the favorite food to share?

That is what you are for.

When God made us, he broke the mold for each of us. Everyone is different. But everyone needs love and understanding.

There is an amazing feeling you get when you watch an older child learn they are loved, there is an amazing kind of wonder mixed with amusement, amazement and endearment in perhaps the mixture of naive-itivity and innocent wisdom that we have adults have sometimes lost that older kids put back in your lives. Yes, there is frustration too, but there is strength. There will be hard times yes, but there is love. There might be questions, but God always answers. Always.

These are his children too.

Some people say, you change them. But they change you too. You might wonder why you didn't do this before with an older child. You might want to do it again. All of this I found myself wishing for while I followed the adoption of a very special boy. Please visit EE's Orphans today and watch them work their way from the ground up.

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