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Saturday, June 11, 2011

If He Was My Son:

The day I found out I was carrying you inside me would have been among the happiest moment's of my life. I would have taken your daddy to dinner, and surprised him with a cake that said he was a daddy. We would have gone shopping to pick out sweet baby things for you, we would have talked for days and weeks, picking your bed out, painting and arranging your room. If you were my son you would have been our first child and we would be bragging on how you would be the toughest of all your cousins. We would have gone through a list of names, changing our minds again and again before we we even knew if you were a girl or a boy. We been asked if we wanted a girl or a boy, we would have said, it wouldn't matter, as long as the baby is healthy.

If you were my son the day we found out there was something wrong may have been the day we found out you were a boy, it may have been sooner. If you were my son it would probably be the hardest day of my life. There would have been tears streaming from my eyes that day, out of fear for you, love for you, there would have been tears of pain, loss and yes even denial sweet baby boy. But also there would be the most tears because as I held my arms around my belly, already trying to protect you as they went through the list of what was wrong, I may have been asked if I wanted to end the pregnancy, abort you, and try for another baby later that would be healthy.

If you were my son, your daddy would have been there, holding my hand. And together we would have said no -- no way -- this is our child. With the number of abortions going on out there for special needs God trusted specifically us with your life. It is up to God to decide if he stays with us, not us. And against the people's judgement whom would have thought we should abort you because you were different - we choose to keep you.

If you were our son, in spite of every thing else, we know you are a boy now. If you were my son, we would give you a name now - Owen, the last name of whom would have been your great-grandfather, meaning noble and well-born, if you were my son.

If you were my son the doctor trips would be difficult. People would whisper and talk, and point fingers at us. But you would continue to thrive and grow, and each day would be a day we would treasure.

If you were my son, the day you were born, I would have held you close and whispered how much I loved you forever, no matter what. With tears of joy for being blessed with such a tiny precious treasure I would have told you that it was going to be alright, that we would fight for you and make sure you got the very best in life.

If you were my son:

If you were my son we would take you home. I would love you. I would give you everything I could and advocate for you when you could not. I would chase down every single lead I could for your happiness and well being. I would cherish each moment I had with you as you are a precious gift, because, like all children do, you will grow very fast, and your first birthday would come.

...and you would grow. You would go to school like all children do, play like all children do. You would have grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles. You would have family. You would have friends. When they teased I would be there for you. When you hurt I would hug you. You would learn that there is nothing to dislike about who you are, that people tend to fear what they do not understand. And we would help them. If you were my son I would show the world how beautiful you really are.

...and you would still grow. You would know there was nothing you couldn't do or be. You would love and be loved. You would blossom into someone so beautiful that, if everyone knew just how beautiful you were, they would want you for their son too.

If you were my son -- you would not have been left to cry like this:

...you would not have been left alone like this, to waste away like this, you would not have been left in an orphanage to lie like this. You would not have to hurt like this. If you were my son.

But you are God's son.

"I will not leave you orphans. I will come to you."
--John 14:18

He promises he will come for you. Hold on little boy, just a bit longer.

Ok all, the little boy in the pictures above is Owen on Reece's Rainbow. He is a living breathing child. Because he is alive I am guessing the woman whom gave birth to this child held a blessing in her hands but either pressured by society or by choice, she left him alone. Honestly, I do not know the reasons he was left an orphan.

All the same, instead of having a family choosing names and painting his room he was sent to an orphanage. Instead of having love and someone to tell him it will be alright and getting him the medical attention he needs he is most likely barely getting his basic needs met. Instead of having people around him to encourage him he is most likely considered an invalid and a burden instead. Instead of having cuddles and love he probably self-stims alot, maybe by rocking or banging his head. He might sit in wet diapers or dirty clothes until someone notices him or its his turn at last. Instead of having all the beautiful things a child has and needs -- from day one he has been rejected and left in an orphanage instead.

The staff might love him. I am thinking most at most places the staff do. I hear allot about how the staff at the orphanages do love the children, but I also hear about how they are doing all they can do with the little they have among a great number of kids. To see him like this may be just as hard on them. I am very glad that Reece's Rainbow found him and chose to advocate for him and show his beautiful face to the world.

Please,think for a moment what if he was your son? What if he was born to you? What would you do? How would you react? Wouldn't you love him anyway? Think, seriously think even if you came to this blog only looking for 'the red thread saying' if he could be your son? Or more importantly - is he your son? Even if you never considered adoption before?

Please, I am joining Christine here in her plea for this little boy. I too have been keeping an eye on this little guy nearly since the day he was first posted. That said, I have to admit I almost passed her plea by, just for a few hours I told myself. I almost waited to post this, I thought, 'I will put him on my blog, tomorrow.' And I tried to move to the next site, my email, or whatever it was I was going to do next with my day.

But I couldn't get him off my mind. So I came back and posted about him. It is all I can do to be part of God's promise to Owen. Won't you be part of that promise too? If you can't bring him home, please post about him on your blogs, on Facebook, on everything you know. It will only take a little bit of your time and Owen doesn't have time to wait until tomorrow. He needs us to act now. Please click here for more information about Owen.

Thank you, everyone,
With all my heart,


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