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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

15 Year Old Girl Needs a Family's Commitment in 7 Days!

Seven days.

God created the world in seven days.

We can certainly find a family to commit to a fifteen year old girl.

In seven days she turns sixteen. If she doesn't have a committed family by then, she will spend the rest of her life in an over-seas adult mental institution because she has Arthrogryposis - a joint disorder. She will go to a mental institution because she looks different that the other people in society, has to use a wheel chair to get around -- because her joint's do not work.

She will go there for the rest of her life.


Can you imagine it?

Can you imagine sitting on a bench in a stale room day after day after day, year after year after year, and knowing that that is all there is for you, that nothing will change, this is what it will be like the rest of your life. Eventually, she will stop, just stop really living, she will start simply existing, and then she might develop the mental problems of those around her.

I have posted many many times on this blog what these mental institutions are like. I have posted videos of people dragging bone thin -not an exaggeration, these children and people in these places are honestly bone thin - people across a dirty floor just to hose them down with dozens of other men or women shoved into a single room. I have posted videos where people are left in cribs their entire lives, videos of a twenty year old in a six year old's body, still in diapers, still in the same crib he was put in when he was brought to that institution, his body locked ridgedly and contorted out of shape and proportion from the lack of movement and the years just laying still.

Its horrific people. Go to You Tube or something and look up Eastern Europe Mental Institution yourselves.


I have asked. I have pleaded. I have shown several faces of children over the years I have been doing this. I have to remind myself that I have to have faith. The thing is, I am talking to everyone who comes here- whether you are here accidentally, intentionally, or off a search engine looking for the 'Red Thread'.

This is the 'Red Thread'. This is your part in it.

I beg you to take a few minutes and pass word of this child on, a few miniscule minutes in the grand scheme of things that can literally save her life, change her life, give her life. I know adoption isn't for everyone. I don't know you and I understand that. I understand that I cannot foresee what it is you are facing in your lives. You are not heartless, I understand that too. If you cannot adopt her can you write it on your Face-book, include her on your blog? Tell someone about her? Spread the word on?

A few miniscule minutes that can change this girl's life for good, because either way, very soon, her life is going to change. Let's help it be for the good.

Just seven days.

You can find more about her and even a picture about her here: http://jerdebwalker.blogspot.com/2011/07/sentenced-for-life.html

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