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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I am working on an entry...

...that I don't know how to write or post. It's a difficult post, containing images that are hard to see, which is a reason I am struggling to put it on this blog. --Which is a reason I should.

There are a series of videos that are very graphic [some contain nudity in the form of communal 'showers'] about life in an institution. I just want people to see what 'transferred' means for most of these kids. There is another set of videos about what happens to the baby girls in China... and yet, they claim, the wait is so long because there are just not enough kids to go around.

I have placed links before, sent people to Google or You Tube to look it up. But I've never actually posted videos like these themselves. They are not sugar-coated. They don't hide the really bad stuff. They, in fact, break my heart.

There isn't a way to sugar-coat this. And people just don't know its like this. I think people would help if they just knew. So, I think, it needs to be seen. It needs to be out there, so people will know.

These are my current thoughts as I've seemed to fall silent. I may or may not post as I've not decided. Take care.

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