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Monday, April 30, 2012

2$, St. Jude, a 16 Yearold and Rootbeer Floats..

You know, this just now happened. And as I watched, I was saddened and yes, even angry - and I knew I would come home and put it on this blog. I was out grocery shopping, got to the check out and managed to leave my savings card in the car. Well, there were some really good sales this week that you had to have that card for, so I called an attendant, she suspended my transaction, and I went to the car and got my savings card. When I came back inside I had to wait for the attendant to pull up my transaction and, in doing so, that was when I saw him; he was about 16 years old, and had set up a little table near the front lanes and was trying to sell root beer floats for St. Jude's Children's Hospital for 2 dollars each.

As I stood and watched, he would ask person after person whom walked by if they would like a root beer float. Person after person came over and quickly looked at his table, and then said, "not for 2 dollars" and walked away. A few people even scowled as they said no to this kid. And he took it in stride and started offering free samples instead. Inside, I was furious. I was saddened by what I was seeing. You see, the reality of it is for me, that yes, These root beer floats were 2 dollars each which did seem a big price out of a standard paper cup. But the fact of the matter is, it wasn't about the root beer float; they were refusing to give just two bucks to these kids. My heart couldn't grasp it. And the kid started looking let down between people. Even though he seemed positive and upbeat when they were around.

So after I got my items through check out I had dropped exactly 2 dollars on the floor. Oddly, someone whom worked there picked it up.

 I have to admit, so you are not thinking I am patting my back here, I too, wasn't going to pay for a root beer float until that point. I didn't have the money. I hurt for him and wasn't scowling at him or anything or laughing at him but I just didn't have the two dollars -- without any mean intention of course and with an aching heart I was going to escape through another door and try not to think about it. No, I didn't want to admit this. I wasn't even going to write it.  But when sitting to write this, it just came out.

So as I looked at that two dollars in my hand and realised that I would not have had it anyway if someone hadn't handed it back to me -- I knew, without a doubt, I was supposed to stop being hypo-critic and give it to the Root Beer Float kid. I did so. Without plans of getting a root beer float. I was just going to put in in his jar and walk out. After all, root beer floats were never my thing, but he called after me and told me to take one. He seemed so encouraged. So I did. The point of this is, its just two dollars. If you see someone selling drinks, or nachos, or ice creams, or pop corn for a charity, an adoption or something you should step up. Could I afford it, nope. Two bucks could have got me one trip up and down the road and back.  But while 2 dollars spent on an over priced root-beer float, its really a 2 dollar donation to help someone. And in the grand scheme of things, isn't that better?  That's not overpriced at all.

Think about where you spend two bucks every day. Then think of that family you know that has a little girl or boy with cancer, or whom are adopting, or just needs the encouragement to know that someone hears them. Myself included. Really, think about it. Where do you spend your 2 dollars? On a hamburger, on soda, on a little bit of gas -these days a very little bit? And think of how much farther that 2 dollars will go if combined with everyone else's 2 dollars. It can go so much further, and do something much greater. And, believe me, for the lesson included to myself --- its 2 dollars very well spent.

Take care everyone, Debrah.

P.S. encouraged by this kid. Donations to St. Jude can be made here.

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