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Friday, January 25, 2013

Absolutely, I will!

 Hi everyone,

I have been quiet this month.  I am trying to figure out how to type why.  I am guessing its because I just don't know how to say the things I want to say, because there are several topics I want to blog about.  And yet, only one entry until this point for January 2013.  I've thought about it for the past few days, that come December or so I would look back on my blog for the past year and notice how empty the month of January was.  Empty, because I am not sure how yet to put nicely the topics I am thinking on.  Empty, because alot of what I have to say I might be purely ignorant on.  And so, I might have inadvertently been avoiding blogging simply because I didn't know what to say.

So, why is all this relevant to the absolutely beautiful video posted above?


Despite all that, today I felt absolutely driven to log into my blog, to try and find a way to post something - to try and find a way to word something good.  But I didn't, despite feeling driven.  I still put it off.  I wrote on a story, worked on my digital modeler, took a nap this afternoon, made a few phone calls, paid a bill, fixed dinner and was contemplating a shower when, unavoidably, the urge was still there -- Go check your blog, it said to me.

Again, and again, and again...

And so, I decided to just sit down and do it.  To sign in.  To blog something...

To check the comments.

And there it was.  On a post I had written two years ago, the following comment was left:

"Would you please share this video!!We are going through the process of adopting our son Aiden and need people to spread this video to the masses.


And suddenly I knew why I felt so driven.  A comment was left for me, just that same day, maybe hours earlier. There was indeed something very good to post up.  (It is just after midnight as I write this,yes, so the dates will not match up.  But it was left on Jan 24, the same day I felt I had to sign in.)

Dear Sweet Family -- absolutely, I would. I will stick it in the sidebar of my blog even if I can - soon as I figure out how.  I am thankful for you tonight for reminding me of the good.  My prayers are with you all and with your sweet little son.

Please everyone, support this family, with prayer if not financial help.  And with the video they have provided a whole list of links to make that possible.  Visit the video on You Tube, and then click where it says "Show More" just under it.

Thank you so much everyone. 


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