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Thursday, February 28, 2013


So, here I was, worried about not posting anything in January, right??? Annnnddd... as of 12 tonight, February 2013 is already gone.  ^_^

Guess its shows its been a different month.  A rather distracting month out here.

So a few things, in light of missing out on an entire February...

To Dianne - Absolutely!  I would love it if you followed here.  ^_^  Sorry I have not been able to get back until now but I am still very much here.

About Liebster.. well.... I guess I missed out on that one.  To the person who nominated me, thank you so so much. I had every intention of a follow through and had even picked a few blogs and had written my own questions to ask up.  But the month did get a bit overwhelming...  however, I shall still at least post the answers to the ones you have asked.

Some families to pray for this month?

The Clancy Family, their little girl suffered a near-drowning and is now at home in a light coma.  I love them so much!

The Salem Family - are going through a rainy season right now.  I love them so much too.  Please pray for them as well.

Also, can you please help Team Iris!  They are trying to find a sweet little girl with HIV a home.  And she does seem so very sweet!  This same family has just adopted two children one whom is an older child and omg their story is so touching.  This same family is also advocating for another little girl called Kate whom another friend of mine is advocating for as well.  Is Iris yours?  Is Kate yours?  If not, do you know where their family is?  Can you advocate and pray for them?  Kate is in Russia, I believe.  And there is a recent ban on American adoptions there.  I have heard that it isn't effective for another year - but keep in mind I COULD BE WRONG about that.  So anyone thinking about Kate needs to make sure of these things.  Either way -- she still needs us to find her a family!  Canadians are welcome to adopt her I believe (check this too, to be sure).

So, thats all for now everyone.  Sorry about missing February, and will try to do better in March.

Have a good one!

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