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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Is This Your Son?


 He is about to turn 16.  Yes, the boy in the picture above.  The picture may be older.  There are others too where he looks pretty much the same.  But he's just a little boy.  He lives in an orphanage over-seas.  If he doesn't get a family by his 16 birthday -- he never will.  He will become unavailible for adoption and be sent to an institution.  Likely, he will stay the rest of his life tied to a wheelchair.  Did you read that -- the rest of his life.  He will likely have two diapers a day and be fed a runny broth three times a day if he is lucky.

Look up eastern european mental isntitute on youtube.... see where he will go and how he will live.  Yes, some of them are better than others. Not all are horrible. And even at the ones where things are tough more often than not, the staff does care.  But there just isn't enough to go around.  I am not trying to make people feel guilty, this is just what happens to most orphans over there.  I know everyone cant adopt. I can't. But maybe someone out there can get him or knows someone who can?  So I will keep asking --- Is he your son?  Is there a place at your table for him?  Can you pass word on?

He has only until the 7'th of October, 2013.  Then, he can't be adopted.

I've asked on here several times.   But I've been a rather quiet blogger this year and I don't believe I've posted a single orphan, which is the purpose of this blog.  So, today, I am shouting for Brenton.  Click the link under his picture for more info.

Thank you.

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