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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Angels Do Exist."

It's April.  April is always a difficult month for me.  But I've been here all year.  Quiet.  Not sure what to write or say. I've got blog entries back piled as Drafts that I've tried to work on.  But they are still blank.

Then 1/3 of the year is gone.

I see old men or women in walkers, trying to get off the curb of the sidewalk to get down to the parking lot to get into their car.  They can't do it alone.  No one stops.  I've seen a kid with calipers on both arms stuck on the wrong side of a bathroom door struggling to open it because no one would help her.  I've seen a woman in a motorized scooter drive up to a restaurant door and struggle to try and reach it over the steering controls because no one would stop to open it for her.

They all seemed grateful when I helped them, but stunned and surprised at the same time, as though they are just used to people passing them by to go on with their own lives.

I won't forget the time my van was broken down in a hospital parkinglot.  I had to push it while my sister tried to steer it into a parking space.  We're talking about an older Chevy Astrovan here.  As hard as I tried -- I just could not push it alone.

An elderly woman saw me as she was driving past in her car.  She kept going.  But she told me she couldn't stop thinking about seeeing us there struggling with that van like that.  She told me she thought - what if those were my girls? Then she told me she realised - they *are* someone's girls.

So she told me she came back.

I was touched.  I was speechless.  And even though I didn't say it I was doubtful that she (I say this with utmost respect) a frail old woman, could really help.

She did.  She got up behind the van with me and between the two of us we pushed it easily into a parking space.  I was stunned.  I learned more than one lesson that day.  I thanked her.  She went on her way.  I will never see her again.  But I will never forget that either.  I've blogged about this incident before here and I probably will again.

I want you to know right now as I post this --- I am absolutely not perfect.  I am guilty of passing people by. Sometimes on purpose.  Sometimes without thinking.  But I am trying to do better about seeing them and helping.  My grandmother died this past winter.

Like the old woman and the van when she realised we were 'someone's girls'.  These people who just need you to open a door for them are someone's grandma, they are someone's daughter.  These people are people too.

So I've been gone for 4 months.  Trying to find a way to start blogging here again.  Wondering if this blog was past it's time and it didn't make much of an impact in the grand scheme of things anyway.  No one reads here so why do I keep it up?

Then, this is what I found.  Please watch it.  Please understand why this blog is still here.  This isn't about me.  Its not about readers or getting comments.  It's not just about the kids and people overseas.  It's about people here too.  Its about people everywhere.  Watch to the end for the title of this post.

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Kimmie said...

Wow, that was hard to watch. Amazing how so much time went on and no one helped that boy. Then the guy with the dog...
Lord, help us!

glad you are going to keep at this blog thing, I too am struggling with it, but know that God has a purpose in it. fight the fight my friend.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

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