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Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Home for Valessa...

I thought of only listing one child at a time to focus on just the one until he or she found a home. Hope's family has not yet found her. And yet, I found myself unable to look away from the little face of - Valessa.

This is not her name either. I rename all these children for sake of privacy. But Valessa's little picture is looking back at me. She has some considerate special needs, down syndrome I think, and challenges and lives in Russia, and if she is not already five years old she very well soon be. And then she will too may be sent to an institution for the rest of her life. See the video - Second Chance Children, posted below.

So everyone please help to pray both her and Hope to their homes.

Valessa has pretty brown eyes and shiny brown hair. She is adorable and just waiting for you. If you are adopting a little girl but don't know where she is yet, think about Valessa.

[This picture is not an actual picture. Features are not exact. Thank you.]

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Kimmie said...


I love your heart...today I got an email from a woman I had sent some info to (on a child who needed a home)...she wants more information...praise God!

Maybe you should be working for an adoption agency? Ever consider that?

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

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