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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Alexsey's Family and Button:

Here is Alexsey's donation button for his wonderful family. When I found out who they were, my heart literally jumped. It is so right. He is so much a part of them. I have thought in the past that he belonged with them. He always was part of them. God is so good, everyone. I am led to think that some of you all might know them too:

Presenting: Alexsey's Family.

And here is Alexsey's Button, please put it on your blogs and pages. Thanx.

Grab This Button

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Kimmie said...

Hi Sweet Debrah;

How are you honey? I see you have been busy with your blog...it looks great. You really are so very talented!

I am not sure what you do for work...but you are so creative. I hope that you've sought or are seeking God on employment...I really think you need to be advocating for children ...not sure how, seek God. You are doing an amazing job here, but I am wondering if God wants to plug you in to an agency that could use your help and talent...have you looked where you live? I think you should!

Yes, you can post a picture of Mihret ;-)

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