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Sunday, February 1, 2009

What if She's An Angel:

Somewhere out there a family is looking for their little daughter. At the same time, this little angel, Mara, is hoping so much for them. It is my own sincere hope that they do meet each other. Look at this sweet little girl. It is my hope that someone can see how beautiful she is, how much she can give, how much she can love.

Will you be the family to do that for this little girl? The sad truth is, she is nine years old now and as children get older their chances of finding a family lessen and lessen.

Mara is in Ukraine. At age sixteen she will likely be turned out to the streets if she is not institutionalized simply because she is able to offer us a gift in many ways - by looking into her face, as an orphan and as a child with a condition, that of Apert's Syndrome, and accepting her and loving her for who she is as one of God's Children.

The title of this entry is 'What if She's An Angel," which is also a song. I will post a video made to that song at the bottom of this post in a moment. Its not a video by the original artist but I am posting it mostly for the song. If you are looking for a child, please give this little girl a chance.

Information about Mara can be found on this page:

Reece's Rainbow Adopt an Older Child

You will have to scroll down nearly to the bottom, but she is there. There is a second little girl with Apert's Syndrome as well on this page:

Other Angels Girls

Again you will have to scroll down a little, her name is Esperanza. But unlike Mara her picture is not there.

Take Care Everyone, and Thank You.

1 comment:

Christine said...

She is beautiful and I do hope her forever family finds her!

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