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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can You See Me?

Can you see me? My name is Diana. I have just turned five years old. I have a shaved head and lie day after day in a crib in an orphanage overseas. They shave my head to keep lice away, so I don't have pretty curls like little girls get to. I don't have a mommy and daddy like little girls get to. I don't have a smile like a little girl should.

I don't even get to see the other kids. I can hear them, though, somewhere in the room. No one ever touches me except to feed me through my G-Tube. But I want someone to love me, too.

I am discribed as difficult. They say I have Severe Cerebal Palsy.

But I have alot to give. With a little love from you and encouragement to reach my potential, who knows what I could do? Maybe a hug, something besides these crib bars will make my blue eyes open wide and sparkle with light. Can you see me? My hair can grow. Maybe one day smile for you too? Can you see me reaching out to you? Don't see me for how I look in this picture. See me for everything I can be.

I have very very little time left to show everyone how much I can give. Please see me. Be my something to smile about. Please see me and bring me Hope. I am just a little girl too. All I really need - is love.

More information on Diana can be found on this page:


Please view her details for contact info. Please send a prayer up for her today.

1 comment:

MoonDog said...

I want so badly for her to find her home. I wish I could bring her home too but I am only one person and not prepared for that but I just want someone to gather her in their arms and give her some love.

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