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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

There's something wrong with Warner Bros:

About the movie Orphan -- I understand people's fears, but I don't understand the need to play on them to create a movie like this one. Sadly though, I can. Fear is a big motivation behind box office money. Apparently, big motion picture companies understand people's fears too.

Like I said in my entry below this one:

"And yet - they make movies like Orphan that scare people more than they help. People will say, Orphan is only a movie - you are reading too much into it. But the things we read and watch do influence people I think."

But this also says it best I think:

"However far-fetched some stories are, they can still subtly shape our values and perceptions. So when a major motion picture leaves a lingering impression that orphans are damaged goods and that adoption can tear apart your life, those who know the deeper truth must speak up."
-- OrphansDeserveBetter.Org

In my opinion I find it horrific that places like Warner Bros, whom brought us Bugs Bunny, would create movies like this. What you watch does influence you, and this one preys on the fears that prevent some people from adopting in the first place. So, lets scare people this summer. Lets take away more chances for families these poor kids like the ones in Bulgaria have.

What sort of light does it shed on these poor helpless kids? I take offense to it - and I have not even adopted - yet. Once again however, stereotypes are promoted by the big screen. And now they are releasing statements to soften the blow to that effect?? How in the world can you soften the blow to something as damaging to influence the outcome of thousands of lives? After seeing this movie, how many people might never adopt?

The trailer to the movie just looks scary to me. Its supposed to.

Please use your influence and power for the better. Softening the blow when insulting the innocents of this world doesn't cut it for me.

Get the facts.

Everyone, please visit the Orphans Deserve Better Campaign and sign the petition. Thank you.

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