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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Warning - disturbing content.

There is a lump in my throat as I think of the video I just watched. That said, if you read this entry or follow the link it is your choice and not something you were made to do. Some people disagree with adoption, and that is the lightest term I can use for it. Some people ridicule those whom leap through hoops and back again to bring these children home. For some people it is easier to look the other way. Be warned it has very disturbing if not shocking content of - in my opinion- adult people flat out lying to justify the inhumanities they are taking part in over children. A link to this video I am referring to is here.

This is the reason why we adopt. This is the reason why we spread open our lives for the world to see, spend money and travel to far far away countries. This is it. I cannot write the words to the extent I feel them. I cannot put the passion into it - and I am a novelist by trade.

So many also ask - why not kids from your own country? And I do understand that question and adoption is a beautiful thing no matter whom and where it takes place at. But here, in my own country, I thank God that children are not warehoused into institutions and that its not ok to be treated like this.

Can you believe these people actually say there is nothing wrong with these children as long as they are not running a fever? Even though the child is laying there with nothing but a paper thin layer of skin on his or her bones - even when some of those bones are broken?

They blame it on a condition - maybe so, but then they admit they don't even try to do anything to help that condition and just let it get worse and worse and worse. Worse, the Director of this particular orphanage thinks its more important to have a computer and boasts that their biggest trouble would be if the buildings were broken into - she might loose the new umbrella's she just purchased... In my opinion she is so entirely fake and self-absorbed and the more and more she tries to tell us all the good she is doing ...well... I have never wanted to shout through the screen at someone more in my life. It made me sick to my stomach. It made me want to go in there and pull all of those kids out. It made me want to take any one of them home. It made me want to adopt from Bulgaria. To bring a child home from anywhere and love them - unlike this.

The sick part is there is one thing that comes out of her mouth that may be the truth - there are worse places out there than this.

And yet - they make movies like Orphan that scare people more than they help. People will say, Orphan is only a movie - you are reading too much into it. But the things we read and watch do influence people I think.

Those of you adopting or whom adopted, I applaud you with all my heart.

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