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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Orphan Doll Project:

So here we are, September 19, 2009. The pic/banner above was taken on 09.17.09 of me and the orphan dolls in my mother's front yard where I grew up. This project has been long in coming, and offically begun a bit ago. The dolls in the picture, I have named Hope and Chance for the time they are with me, their mission is to go out into the world and teach about adoption, and the millions of orphans world wide. I am the second link in a chain of people who will be adopting them into their homes. You take them where ever you would go as you would real children, and let me tell you this, you should see the eyes of people light up when you tell them what these dolls are about. You should hear the conversations its starts. Quite honestly, everyone gets into it - co workers ask where 'my kids; [meaning Hope and Chance] are. The other day my sister made sure she put them under a seatbelt. My brother even got into it when I tried to take their picture on the back of a car, a recent new daddy himself, he told me "you can't put your kids there."

We both started laughing. It is amazing, I use that word allot to describe this ministry I am blessed to be a part of, but it truly is. You should visit orphandoll.com to read their journal tracking their adventures for yourselves.

When it is time for them to move on from Arizona, I will pack them up and send them to the next family in line who is waiting -just like in the adoption process- to adopt these kids. Their adventure and lesson will continue in other arms in another place. Then on to the next family and the next. In the short time I have found them I have seen people's eyes open. I've talked to people about adoption whom I never thought I would talk to. I am glad to be a link in the chain.

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Kimmie said...

Hi Debrah;

I love seeing pictures of you on your blog. I think you should post more of them!

Glad you are part of the Orphan Doll Ministry and that you are enjoying your time with them.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

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