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Friday, February 12, 2010

Marching Around Jericho...

Hey you all, remember these guys - Hope and Chance? Currently, they are in their fourth home of their trip and have seen so many people along the way. One of the common themes that seem to come up is how once they are in your hands the outpouring of love and prayers gone before over them are actually felt. It is amazing, I know, because I have had and held them.

What I am about to say might be taken the wrong way by some, but that is not my intention, sometimes I don't word things the best way. But another thing that surfaces when these dolls are in your care and it is your turn to share their purpose and story you suddenly may become nervous about it, you feel may like changing your mind and you think that maybe people will think you are silly for wanting to share dolls with a message to them. Personally, when they were in my care, I argued with myself almost an entire night about if I should hide them in the back instead of having them out front at the desk with me at work. In the end, I knew, that hiding them was not the intention these dolls were created for and this was something God wanted ...how could I hide something God wanted? Others, since Hope and Chance were with me, have related it to feeling silly and have reasoned it out as well by using the 'March Around Jericho' approach. Sure, it probably looked silly to march around Jericho for six or seven days -- but they did it, and look at the result.

That said, I am not saying this is up there with that particular march. At the same time I am not degrading its worth and value and saying it is not. What I am saying is that simply in the same vein - this is God's work --

[and just now I almost took that out and had to stop myself from doing so, because that also would be hiding it just as putting the dolls away would have, as I know there are some that do not believe in God that come here, people whom I consider friends, we have always stayed respectful to each others beliefs, thank you so much and I love you too!]

-- and I am blessed to be a part of it. Please pray for the Orphan Dolls in your prayers, that their mission to teach people that we are called to help orphans -and widows, lets not forget the beautiful widows[ers], everywhere. Ask yourself what you can do to help and visit their website and share their story today.

Hugs all, and take care.

Oh yes! Still working for little Mara and Freddie! See ya later and take care.

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Kimmie said...

Thanks friend. A reminder that I need to pray and ask others to pray for their *God journey.* We are not in this alone ...this was His idea and we are just *promoters* of His will.

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