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Monday, April 26, 2010

1000 for Freddie

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...ok you all, here I am again ...with a heartfelt shove pushing for Freddie and his family. Really you all, his adoption will change his future. You see, Freddie is 15 and in a eastern European orphanage -- at sixteen he will be out on the streets without hope, without a future, without the medicine to manage his epilepsy. Literally out on the street, with no where to go, no money, no food, and like so many others he might have to turn to desperate means just to try and survive.

Please, consider giving ten dollars to help Freddie get home. He has grown up watching other kids get adopted and had wondered why he hasn't, he thinks its because of his epilepsy. It is not, like I said before a wonderful, wonderful family want to go get him. They are trying to adopt him and love him and he doesn't even know it.

So, this is the 1000 for Freddie. If 1000 people donated just 10 dollars, his family would have all the money they need to save him from this fate. I myself will be contributing this payday. Thank you so much everyone for listening, and watching, and caring. If you cannot contribute, use your blog, your facebook, your myspace, your instant messenger, your newspaper, whatever means you can to reach these 1000 people. Maybe donate to his puzzle fundraiser. We can change this boy's future.

Donate to bring Freddie home, HERE.

Thanks again.

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