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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Freddie Needs Funds...

...hi all. Is me again, stopping in real quick to tell you again about one of the older boys at Reece's Rainbow -Freddie. Ever since I found the website a couple years ago I worried about one of the kids there, he was 13 at the time, I think, epileptic and living in an eastern European orphanage. This was not good at all - first, like most kids in east Europe orphanages; when he turned sixteen he would be out on the streets, but he would have Epilepsy, a treatable medical condition [I know, I was diagnosed with it myself at age 19. I am in my 30's now and have had only two seizures since.] But out on the street, he would have no treatment. Also, this poor boy has watched other kids get adopted so many times, and not him. And he is a smart boy, he has asked if it was because of his Epilepsy.

Goodness, child, no. I kept thinking over and over again. Like Mara, I would have gone for him if only I possibly could. But for Freddie, you absolutely HAD to be married. So I checked almost every day, hoping someone could see past his age -- well -- someone finally did. A very beautiful family that had been watching him too. You can meet them here.

Freddie will soon be 15. This family has all the love that he can ever ask for and he doesn't even know that someone [alot of someones] really do love him and want him. All that stands in the way is the dollars to get there. What do you say folks? Is your three dollars better spent on a cheeseburger or a child's life? If everyone gave just a few bucks [or posted this on thier blogs if they really cannot] together we can get him out of there and HOME, where he needs to be. Please all, don't just read this, hop on over and paypal her a few dollars today? Post about them to your blog today? Thanks you all.

Debrah in Arizona

PS: Might be another post out today or soon that I wrote on the 6'th -- but I am nervous to post it. Take care.

1 comment:

Lyndi said...

Thank you Debrah!!!!

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