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Thursday, September 23, 2010

God is Calling His Army...

...to be on the move for this little girl. This little girl is Yulia, and this morning at about 3 a.m. I awoke with the urge to check my computer - and there it was, a heartbreaking plea from a woman named Adeye, whom had met Yulia in person. Adeye's post for Yulia says it so much more than I could ever say it - but I will try. Sweet little Yulia is almost 3, she has lain drugged for 'best sleep' in a crib for all of her life, only being taken out to be changed and fed. 'Best Sleep' is the words the orphanage used to say they have basically drugged the child to keep her pretty much motionless and quiet. For Yulia, this is how it has been her entire life. She knows nothing else except maybe that one flimsy crib toy you see her in the picture with. No one hugs her or kisses her or even sees her as a human being. She is left to lie in her own waste and just wait until its her turn on the daily list of chores to do. At age four she will likely be sent to an institution where horrors await her that you and I cannot even begin to comprehend - horrors such as being tied down to a bed or wrapped up so tightly she could not move, her little body will grow stiff and hard and atrophy into nothing for lack of care. She will stop growing and eventually stop moving. Eventually, she will even stop breathing. These, sadly, are the horrors faced by many many people young and old in institutions overseas. Why a mental institution for little Yulia and other kids like her -- they have no where else to put them. People with disabilities in some other countries are seen as a burden and an object of ridicule. The way to save these children is to adopt them. And for sweet little Yulia who already has all these strikes against her when she has done absolutely nothing wrong -- that she gets adopted is more imperative than ever -- it is her only hope.

But for sweet princess Yulia, that isn't all of it. Baby Yulia has an extremely rare condition called Cockayne Syndrome. This is a disorder that causes pre-mature aging.. giving children who are born with it a shortened lifespan most commonly between 4 and 10 years... other symptoms include imparment of hearing and and vision, degeneration of the central nervous system, and so on.

Oh my goodness, to have to go through life faced with that? And then to have to go through life alone without love, without worth, without value, without someone to hold you and assure you when you are afraid. I can't even start to imagine it! This, I am guessing, is the reason that sweet little Yulia is left in a laying room just waiting to die. Yes, everyone, waiting to die. Tears threaten my eyes at that thought. How can this happen? Why should it be allowed to happen? Why does it have to happen this way?

Thing is everyone -- it doesn't have to happen this way. It shouldn't be allowed to happen and further -- it CAN'T happen. God's army is being called to stop it from happening.

Lets go back to 3 in the morning for a moment. I woke up with the urge to check my computer, and there the post about Yulia was. I was astonished and in tears. This little girl, Yulia, has been tugging on my mind ever since I heard about her. I remember just a few days ago I was laying there thinking about her for no real reason and I found myself terrified that no one would go for her. Who could? Who could love someone just to loose them like that and knowing they would loose them like that? Who would willingly let their hearts be broken like that. I felt that would be, outside of funding, the biggest block to this baby getting a family -- the fear of loosing her. But those dispairing thoughts were cut short with the memory of Miss Chrissie Patterson... and the family who went for her and loves her still and what she taught and moved thousands of people with in her little precious life. Oh my, someone is out there who will wrap thier arms around little Yulia if only they could, if only they had the funds. Fear is huge but God is bigger, put it aside and allow yourself to give into him and that selfless kind of love. I came to realise then that I would go and get her. I would have to shove that fear of loosing her aside and would gladly do so if only to know and give that precious kind of love. Would it be easy - no. Would it hurt, absolutely so. But would it be worth it just to feel her little fingers latch onto yours for that wisdom and reassurance that no matter what happens, you love her and are there to protect her, that no matter what happens --- it WILL be alright.

That is what love is. But, with tears I have to face it and tell myself -- I can't go and get her... for all the same reasons I couldn't go and get any child from over there. But what I can do is listen to God's call to summon his army to burst open windows and doors for this little girl. Adeye started something this morning with her blog post for Yulia -- asking us all to give money or at least post her on our blogs and twitter and facebook accounts, to get her story out there to open these doors for her, to tell the world about Yulia... loud and clear -- because its what God wants. How do I know that? He doesn't have plans to hurt us.

So I tossed and turned it all over in my head, trying to think of how to write this blog, knowing I had to do this but not knowing how. Finally, I just sat down and wrote whatever came out. And if the God of the Universe has put this child on my heart and asked me to March forward for her -- I will. Won't you? What she needs most is a family, if she has a family the money will follow. If someone out there hears about her in all our shouting, will step forward. And if you can't be that family, she needs money, so that all her family has to do is the paperwork and get on a plane for her. For this precious angel we need to take away the barrier of cost. Can you donate to her grant fund? You can find it here. Or you can donate through the red chip in box in the right side bar of your screen. Please help in any way you can, even if it is just telling about her and posting her picture and story on your blog. Yes, there is a family for Yulia. We just have to find them...

If anyone would like more information about Yulia please contact Andrea Roberts at Reece's Rainbow or Adeye at nogreaterjoymom.com

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