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Monday, September 27, 2010

God's Army Marched: Yulia's 20,000 has been made

The financial burden has been taken away. God is so good! God is good and his people are amazing, in five days, the 20,000 needed for Yulia's (see post below) adoption to be funded has been made! 313 people over a matter of just five days has made this possible, and those are just the ones who were able to chip in before the goal was reached. I am certain there are many others out there whom would have liked to do so, just as I am pretty certain your donations will still be more than welcomed. Beyond that 313 are the many many people who talked about her and prayed for her and continued to pass the word on. This is a countless army marching for this sweet girl, amazing to watch the hand of God, amazing to watch this true miracle come to life in front of us all.

Thank you Adeye for answering his call. It was your most important post, and one very special little girl on the other side of the sea is very very loved. Her life has already been used for his Glory and is so gently cradled in his hand. He has her a very special family picked out I am certain. Keep praying that He leads them forth. I can't wait to see who is chosen for her, and will include that update here too. Thank you God for your miracle. Thank you for this precious little girl. Thank you for letting us all be part of her life. I didn't start it, but I want to thank everyone who prayed, paid, cried or passed word on. Keep going. We need to find her family now. God's Army on the move. Onward soldiers, pray on.

From the Bottom of My Heart,

This song goes out to my sweet Mara too, this child whom has been on my heart for years. Whom has to have decisions made for her. Please, without too much detail, pray for her tonight. God is greater than the will of men, there is no impossible with him. We have seen miracle here in a matter of days. Pray, pray hard, for another. Your few seconds of silent whispered prayer while even reading this can move mountains and change her life. 'That's what faith can do.'

Thank you everyone. With love, and have a good night.

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