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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adopt Me...

...I'm 'Bella'. I turn 14 next month. After that, I will continue to live in the orphanage until I am 16, but I will never have a family of my own. For the next two years I will watch child after child be chosen... and not me. And I will know that it will never be me. Please chose me. More information and whom to contact to start asking about me today can be found HERE. If you can't adopt me please don't pass me by. Please blog about me so maybe someone whom see's me -- can. It only takes a few minutes. Please, I have no time left...


Anonymous said...

The link has no information about contact for adopting Bella. Could you kindly post it?

Anonymous said...

The link does not provide any information. Would you kindly post it?

The Red Thread Kids: said...

Hi there,
The link provides a link to a blog of someone whom might have more information if you contact her. Thanks. :)

The Red Thread Kids: said...

...also, I checked the original post that the original link leads to, and at the bottom of the original post the link leads to is a contact email for Wasatch, I believe. Thanks again.

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