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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Faith of a Child

Hi everyone.

Here is part two of what needs catching up on after my absence.

Its odd, things that connect us; things that connected us years back that had always been there but we don't know about until the time is right?

Having run into the plight of orphans a few years back and having found Reece's Rainbow and a little girl there whom inspired this blog. [That little girl has since been adopted by a wonderful family.]

This past summer attention was drawn to a little girl in a EE Orphanage whom is being called Katerina. She is 9 and weighs maybe 11 pounds, I think, something like that. It hit the net like wildfire when her mom went to adopt her. Since, other children in that orphanage have had families commit to them too. Katerina's mom is an amazing woman though I have never met her. She is a strong voice for these kids and I have been following her blog The Blessing of Verity and have featured it on here before.

And its a small world. Oh my gosh, it is.

A few years back I met a wonderful person, a dear friend of mine now whom I've only ever had the privilege to know though the internet. Her name is Kristi. She is a mommy to six wonderful kids and I am so glad to have met and know her. As it turns out, Kristi is also friends with Katerina's soon to be mom. Up to this point I didn't know this. Now, how and why all this is coming up? Katerina's plight caught their attention too. Kristi has a ten year old daughter, K, whom is now advocating for Carter on Reece's Rainbow as a Christmas Warrior this year.

Long story short, the dots connected. The ten year old daughter of a friend of mine is advocating for a special needs orphan for Christmas this year. She's ten, and has noticed the plight of these kids, and hasn't looked the other way. The Faith of a Child, right? And a little child shall lead them? Amazing.

I wrote to Kristi and asked if I could feature her daughter's blog on mine. Please stop by her blog, say hi and if you can help her help Carter with thoughts, funding or prayers. Thank you everyone.

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