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Friday, November 11, 2011

About Bella

Hey everyone...

After a bit of an absence during the month of October, I am back.

It's been an odd time. But things over here are alright. There are a couple important things I need to address from my absence though.

The first is Bella.

She is a little girl I had noticed on another blog last year at this link that goes to another blog where someone posted about her.

In posting this entry to the link to that blog I was hoping to be part of a chain of people to bring notice to this child and had been hoping that someone might contact the author of that blog, I think her name is Desiree, whom appears she might know about Bella. That said, I want to thank you, so very very much, for the continued interest in her, that you saw her. Thank you.... thank you.

Also, I checked the post the original link leads to and at the bottom of it is a contact email, I believe. Thanks again.

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