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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How Absolutely Awful...

...how could they? -- doesn't even begin to describe it. How is this child supposed to face the rest of her life knowing her parents would have killed her rather than have her born ...if they had known she had Down Syndrome? And yes, people with DS do understand things like that. How in the world did the judge not take away their parental rights for this?


Is the value of life mean so little these days that a court of law can decide if you should be born? Is it so low that a person can't stand to give a few months of their own lives just to see a child has one of his or her own? Instead are we that selfish that we can't give those months of our own lives -just a few months- at the cost of a child's entire life? Find the baby a family. I would think its a better to know your parents gave you up for adoption than to hear we'd have aborted you rather than have you be born.

We point fingers at how bad it is in other countries, people locking these kids up in mental asylums, yes, that is horrific, and I highlight that plight alot on this blog -- but are we really that different when right here in the USA over 90% of kids born with Down Syndrome are killed in the womb before they are ever even born?

Alright. What I think of it?

Life's value have not decreased. People's sensitivity toward it has.

Please, if you pray, pray for this girl? That she knows she is loved by God if not her family? And pray for her family as well.

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