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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Miracle on the Way:

Hey everyone, I wanted happy news today and I got it!

Back in January I wrote this this entry, [controversial topic]. Well, guess what -- the friend I wrote about in it that has miscarried five babies in a row, well, she's pregnant again.

Having first considered keeping the pregnancy secret until they knew if she could carry the baby she thought instead to tell everyone, and to ask that they might tell everyone so we can all unite in prayer.

If you pray, please please pray for Kathryn and that this little baby might be held in his hands and hopefully that the baby will stay with us. They have no idea why they lost the first five, the doctors could never figure it out. If you don't pray, please keep your thoughts with her when you can. She is barely 1 month along and would give anything for this child. Oh yeah and yes - they are considering adoption too!

Its such good news! - am about to cry! Happy tears, all, happy, happy tears. I will be making a support button for them soon.

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