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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Do - Part 2

Hi everyone,

Ok, this is 'the big one' for today, because it is about a topic that has been on my mind for a few days now, brought on by a conversation I had with someone the other day.

Back in November I wrote this entry, and more specifically from that entry concerning the topic of the conversation mentioned above, the following paragraphs:

"I don't want to leave this on that grim note. So, please join me when you read this in a prayer for all these children. About 7% of the Christian population alone can lead to no more orphans in the entire world. That's it. I read the site Over the Moon With Joy and encourage you to visit there. I have decided to join her prayers that adoption might be brought into people's hearts, that all these kids might come home.

And that is not to say only Christan's should adopt. Love is something that belongs to everyone everywhere. Its just to display a 'statistical measurement' of how few people it would really take. :)"

And that was the 'just' of the conversation had. Now, keep in mind, if you look around this blog - that I am religious. And there is this - just because someone doesn't choose to follow one particular religion or any religion for that matter does not mean their home would be any less loving than anyone else's.

Is it better to let them sit waiting in an orphan home NEVER knowing real love at all? Especially when there is a family for them?

I think believing is very important and it does help, yes, and I will never doubt or discourage what to me is a fact. But I will not discourage any family that steps out to get these kids. I encourage them very much. We've all heard it said that "Religion God accepts as pure is to care for widows and orphans." And so to step forward - in my opinion it can't get more believing that that.

And like I said back in November: Love is something that belongs to everyone everywhere. Wonderful families are everywhere too.

Thank you for your time.

1 comment:

MoonDog said...

thanks for this too

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