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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Buying A Child??

How can people even ask this question? I was reading on another blog today about this topic and the person whom wrote that blog agreed with me - how can someone even suggest this, especially when, if you think about it, when, after biological children are born - you still have to pay hospital bills.

The fact is - you spend money on kids, whether its by adoption or for their basic care. Does this mean you are buying them? No. It means you care. It means you want them to have a good life. It means you want to provide for them everything you can. It means you love them.

And to those adopting disabled children who get told, "you know she will be with you her whole life," if the child you are adopting has significant special needs. My answer to that would be, "I would hope so. My kids will always be my kids my whole life. What a blessing that will be."

Anyway, those are just a few little things I thought I'd mention this morning. Mara is still needing her home. The Orphan Dolls are still ready to teach the world. Please continue to pray that Ruslana's family can adopt her. My baby Nephew is growing bigger every day. My friend's miracle baby is a little girl! And the family I mentioned in the post below made it by. But they are still struggling badly. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers for them.

Oh! And I might have a new job! We shall see. Prayers for all of you bringing home kiddos, by birth or adoption!


MoonDog said...

people get paid for their services. you would pay your attorney for representing you in court, you would pay your secretary for typing. so in kind you pay someone to translate documents, file documents, translate for you in court, drive you around to where you need to go. You pay for plane tickets. you pay for a place to stay, hotel or apartment. you pay for food to eat. That certainly doesnt = buying a child. some people are really rather ignorant of what adoptive parents go through. No one asks a potential birth mom if she has a stable family or enough money. no one asks a first time teen mom if she understands the sacrifices she will have to make to her social life to raise a child. Adoptive parents get MUCH more scrutiny. it is no walk in the park, you cant just hand over some cash and walk out with a child. Too bad there isnt a way to pound that into people's heads.

Kimmie said...

Hmm, I can't imagine. AND it's not like we say...please allow us to pay thousands of dollars we don't have...let us stretch ourselves financially just a little more...hmmm, if adoptions were only free...and without the gads and gads of paperwork, wouldn't that be lovely?

How are the sweet orphans of yours?

Any news from Ruslana's family? I hope they got some good news after everyone joined in to pray.

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