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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chinese Adoption Older Child

This is Bella. She is one of Wasatch's Waiting Kids. Directly from this post on this blog.

"She is 13 years old and in Shanghai. She is an orphan living in an orphanage. Bella has six months to find a family. If this doesn't happen by February, she no longer be eligible for adoption. AT ALL, EVER. Let's not let that happen. Let's spread the word, give her a chance at a mother, a father, siblings, and an education.
Could you be her parents?"

Ok all. She's 13. She's going to be only 14. Only 14 years old, everyone. If she doesn't have a family by then -- she never will. And she will have to face this world on her own, she will have to face life alone. She will have to grow up early, way too soon. And face all the trials of young adolescence alone. She will have to face loss alone. She will have to face the social stigma of her home country and their male preference/one child policy - alone. The fact that she was an orphan will not help this. Look at her picture. You can see it in her face, the mix of hope and despair that this is her time is running out and this photo might be her last chance. Think of your kids, or think of yourself at age 14 and then think about how young you really really were. She will have to face all that and more -- alone. All the confusion, alone. She will have to do what it takes to survive. Do you even want to think about it?

We've all seen miracles happen for these kids here in the blogging world lately; lets try for another. Please put her on your blog or website or face book. And if you are looking for adopting a Chinese child, or have searched and found this blog by looking for older Chinese children, please, she's just a baby. Do something to save this little girl. This, is all I can do, and I almost put off posting this until tomorrow.. but then, as I prepared to leave her page to go look at websites I've already visited six times tonight in hopes that something might have changed on one of them I realised that while I have until tomorrow to post this -- Bella doesn't. She has until February. That's it.

This older boy in China is 13 and has only 20 days left to find his family before he can never be adopted, ever. PLEASE CONSIDER HIM [posted Dec 21, 2010]

For more information about Bella or how to get in touch with people who know where to find her please visit this blog. The contact email are at the bottom of the featured blog post. Thank you.

Hope is Fading – Orphan Sunday from Allan Rosenow on Vimeo.

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