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Friday, November 19, 2010

I Wanted Him...

...today, I read on a blog that a little boy has been transferred to an institution. A sweet little boy with beautiful eyes and a glowing smile that said he was so happy with what he had, too innocent to know it wasn't much to be happy about or that it all -soon- would be taken away. A little boy whom is an orphan, with $7,105 in his account and yet he wasn't chosen. He was smart, active, playful, outgoing, he wanted love.... ...he was sent to an institution in eastern Europe instead.

This is what that could be like, we've all seen it by now but I ask no matter how horrific it is just spare a few minutes at least for this little boy and watch it again:

Or maybe watch this one [warning, very disturbing content]:


Or this one [also very disturbing]:


None of these were the country this little boy was in. But the country he is in was listed in the second video. As that video said, the conditions are generally the same in institutions all over the world. It brought a chill to my spine, and tears to my eyes, and a bit of anger to read when someone's blog declared that NO ONE WANTED HIM:

I did...[click here for an older post] He wasn't un-noticed.

This year on my birthday there will be a cake for Alexander instead. For a present I hope to help find his family and will be starting fundraisers for him. Look at him everyone, you can SEE his joy and his potential. Now look at him and think of him in one of the places as posted above. I can hardly stand to think of it. I wanted him. I can't have him. Hopefully this and this woman's blog post will have someone somewhere who can have him wanting him too.

He can't wait anymore. Contact Andrea at Reeces Rainbow about Alexander today.

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