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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Please Grab This Button!

They call him an 'Older Child' -- this tiny little blond haired boy.

This little boy's 4'th birthday is tomorrow - on the 20'th of January he will be turning 4 - where he is at, its already the afternoon of the 19'th. For a baby like him to turn 4 in an orphanage is not a good thing, he will then be sent to an institution like the ones I have linked to in posts below and elsewhere on this blog, that he cannot be adopted out of -- there to stay for the rest of his life. I have tried to think of ways to make this post happy and positive but I cannot find one -- there is nothing happy and positive about this. This is a last chance plea for little Martin - he needs someone not tomorrow, not next week, not next month or next year. He needs someone right now, this hour ...this minute.

No, please, don't take this as a guilt trip, I cannot go to save him either. But I can post another shout out for him - won't you do the same? Or maybe, just maybe, are you the someone out there that can go save him? Please go to Reece's Rainbow and ask the lady in charge there about Martin. If you tell her his birthday she will know exactly who he is.

PS: Little Mindy's Birthday is coming up on the 30'th of this month too -- she will be four and in the exact same situation. Her information is posted below as well.

God, bless and protect these little angels, whatever happens to them. Always.

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