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Friday, January 29, 2010


Tomorrow, January 30, is sweet little Mindy's fourth birthday. For a baby like her to turn four in an orphanage is not a good thing, while most four year olds are getting cake and presents and learning about what a birthday is Mindy, for Mindy's fourth birthday she will be getting an immediate transfer to a mental institution quite possibly like this one, where she can never be adopted from, there to stay for what will most probably will be a very short life.

Like with Martin, there is no way to make this post happy. The only way possible is for someone to step forward right now to commit to adopting Mindy, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month - right now. This minute. Because tomorrow, the 30'th of January...

...is Mindy's 4'th birthday.

And please, this isn't a guilt trip, I can't go save her either, this is just a plea, a shout out, a last chance? Maybe you are that someone who can go and save her? If you are here you are most probably thinking about adoption in some way or shape or form, why just read? Why not throw it all out on the line? Please go to Reece's Rainbow and ask the lady in charge there about Mindy. If you tell her this is Mindy's birthday she will know exactly who she is. Look at this picture. You really can save her life.

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