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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year one and all, this year is just now as I write this only five minutes old. I hope it will be a prosperous year for you, I hope it will be one of peace, I hope we can all finally heal and follow faithfully where God would have us go, because I've learned that his plans are much better than ours can ever be and he is always always so far ahead. I hope that you bring resolution into your lives. I wish you luck, love and strength in the year ahead. I know there will be hard times, I hope that my trepidations are proven to be simply paranoia. I hope for the better of us all. Happy New Year, 2010! Wishing you all the best...

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Kimmie said...

Sending a hug and praying that whatever trepidations you have...that God will help you to release them. Everything that is laid into the Light (before Him)...is seen for what it truly is.

praying for you my friend.
Happy New Year...may God use your life every one of the 365 days to bring glory to Himself.

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