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Thursday, December 31, 2009

One More Time in 2009...

...I feel the need to post it, you see, there are all these little children; millions and millions of them, world wide; each with a name, each with a face. Tonight on New Years, maybe think about a resolution to help them in any way you can, whether it be prayers, advocation, funding for their adoptions or even to bring one home...

One more time in 2009 I feel the need to post these kids pictures. Understanding that this blog is for all kids needing a home; these few here following -like so many others in their exact situation- will be institutionalized soon after they turn only four years old simply because they have some sort of disability, into places, where the workers at those places say for themselves, that are not fit for animals to live in. Clicking on the names below will take you to blog entries with more info and in some cases pictures of these children. One more time in 2009, it is my honor to introduce to you:

Ian, Martin, Mindy and Wallace - 4 little angels set to be transfered next month I think to an institution that they cannot be adopted from.

Dimitry, a sweet little boy whom is blind whom is said to have just turned four this past December.

This little girl, Mara, whom I am trying very hard to find a family for - you will see her picture posted in the sidebar of my blog, is ten. She needs you now and is blessed to be able to teach us so much through her Aperts Syndrome Condition; she is beautiful, and needs real love. Please, please someone think about saving Mara. There are plenty of labels on this blog that lead to entries about her, if you are looking for Aperts Syndrome Adoption, could she be your child?

Then there are all these children in the following video.

Thank you, everyone, so much whom reads this blog. I am not at all condemning anyone here or trying for guilt, some people cannot adopt, I know, because am one of them. But I can speak out for these kids. Please think about them, pass word on, when and where you can or even bring one of these kiddos home, if you can. One more time in 2009, these are the faces of the red thread kids. Happy New Years Everyone, and God Bless.

"In you the orphan finds mercy."

Hosea 14:3

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