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Sunday, December 13, 2009

What if...

This morning I looked. Mindy, pictured below, could be adopted by a single person. My heart started to pound, I broke out in a cold sweat - what if I saved her? I found myself thinking about going to get her and bringing her to my house.

So I officially began to look into it.

First I went to the Reece's Rainbow page for people thinking of adoption...

I don't meet the income required by like - 300 dollars! *cry* After that it would have been a question of getting health insurance. Ok, I could push for a raise and get that insurance... but it would take months! Miss Mindy doesn't have months. She has like ...5 weeks! Her birthday and I am guessing her imminent transfer is near the end of January!

I was crushed knowing I wouldn't have the time I needed to save her. But for a moment I knew that fierce pounding of - what if... and was seriously going to get her, despite the fear and uncertainty. Let me tell you this much, to seriously allow the thought to enter your head and your heart - is amazing.

Single mommies can go and get this baby, someone. Read the USCIS guidelines HERE. They aren't asking for really rich people either, just financially stable households.

Come on, I know you are out there reading somewhere. You have to be on an adoption blog for some reason as well.

Thanks everyone, have a good evening and take care.

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