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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Please watch this again....

Can't you just feel Andrea's heart in this video? Look at the eyes of these children. Think of them, the routine of their daily lives in some places so monotonous they sit in cribs and start to rock? They deserve to know what living can really be, what love is and what a family is. These are actual children. Everyone, they are just kids. Some of the kids in this video are bound for institutions very soon that they cannot be adopted from.

What I am trying to say, Meridith says perfectly in her blog post RIGHT HERE. Thank you, Meridith. Thanks.

Can you believe we abort nearly 90% of American DS kids before they are born even when there are people out there who have their arms open to take them?

Yes, this is the second time I've posted this same video on this blog, but now it is Christmas. Please, do more than read. Please think of taking one of these kids home if you can, if not then please give - if not, then please pray and/or pass word of these children along in any way you can.

It is our responsibility to speak up for and help them, have no doubts.

Happy Holidays Everyone and thank you.

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