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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Think about it...

Please Grab This Button!

Please Grab This Button!

Please Grab This Button!

Please Grab This Button!

These children above are due for imminent and nearly immediate transfer to a institution where they will not ever be able to be adopted from. If you have the family requirements to do so, please do more than just read this and move to the next blog --- clicking THIS LINK, [warning, link leads to disturbing content. I found worse but this is citable enough I think], will show you what they may be bound for --- think about it. This link is just one example and is also watered down version of what they may face. If you can stomach it look at the other related videos you tube provides. If you have the family requirements open your hearts this Christmas and faithfully the funds will follow. One little girl raised over 20,000 in just eight days to bring her sister home from this sort of future. If you can't bring them home like I cannot - please pray and/or pass word about them on. You can buy a cheeseburger for 4.00 or you can save the money every day. Its worth a life, don't you think?

We have to do something. Don't let these children be another Diana. Let Diana's life mean something.

Think of these kiddos and help them somehow today, even if its only passing word about them on. Again, negative comments will be immediately deleted without posting or response. Thank you.

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