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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

She DOES have a new Family!!

Thank you God! Thank you. God always makes for the best happy tears I think, his plans are so simple to see and so beautiful when its time, even if along the entire way you find yourself wondering why, asking why, and yes - even fighting it sometimes.

Just today I saw sweet Ruslana had been returned to the "At Risk" page at Reece's Rainbow and my heart broke in two. Thanks to a Comment in the entry below my heart skipped a beat and I did a search and found the wonderful news.

I was thinking as I searched that God must have a perfect family for this child if she has gone through four commitments, it goes to show, we are not the ones picking these children, he is. This sweet little girl has been through many other commitments, and the family who has committed to her this time is wonderfully right, those other families to be are such beautiful stepping stones, leading Ruslana on her way and shedding light on these kids.

And here they are. CLICK HERE to meet Ruslana's forever family. They proudly know and say, "She's Ours."

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Kimmie said...


yeah God!


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