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Friday, December 4, 2009

Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feelings on this topic. I know that when children are removed from their birth parents home it is for their own safety. But I also know that part of the reason for doing this is so the parents involved can try to get their kids back again.

Children are a beautiful gift from God. Sadly, so many are abused or neglected that its heart-shattering to even think of. I am not sure what to write in this post so I will just write whatever makes its way out of my mind to my keyboard.

There is a new girl at work. Her children have been with CPS now for almost a year. I know there are two sides of every story, but the part of the story I hear is that they were taken from her after she failed to pick them up from daycare after her boyfriend at the time beat her senseless in her apartment. In turn, when the police arrived on the scene some drugs were discovered, by her statement, just three 'roaches'. And I realise that drugs are drugs and dangerous no matter in what amount.

That said, she's been working hard to get her kids back and has been drug free for almost that whole year. She's been in parenting classes, classes for addiction and working and meeting all of CPS's requirements. She loves her two boys, I can see in in her face every time she mentions them. I've seen her burst into tears over them over shattered hope that she might have seen them on Thanksgiving.

Like I said, there are two parts of every story. I am sure there is ugly somewhere in this too. I not supporting the idea of raising kids with drugs involved. However, there are no longer drugs involved.

Like I said, I've mixed feelings. She is truly trying here.

Her court date is on the 7'th for custody of them. I guess I am asking for prayers for Gods will to be done for these two kids and this girl. He knows all the secret ugly stuff that I don't and the good stuff too. He knows the situation and what is best. Please pray these kids end up in the right home for them, no matter where that home is.

Mean and hurtful comments will be deleted without posting and hardly even a glance, just a warning, because this is a touchy subject for me.

Take care everyone and thanks.

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Kimmie said...

Hi Debrah;

Wise words, and what wisdom to leave it in God's hands. Prayer does just that...I will believe with you for this girl and her two boys. God is the God who sees, there are no secrets from Him- and there is no fooling Him either.

bless your heart. I am sure she could use a kind word.

Glad to see you worked out your computer problems. ;-)

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

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