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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Story of a Boy

He is 16.  He didn't have a mom and dad and desperately, he wanted one.  Word went out across the internet and spread like fire.  A family saw him and wanted him desperately too.  They set out to adopt him.  On arrival in the boy's country, the moment they met him -- the boy said no, he didn't want to be adopted anymore.  You see, he had a chance to go to a college and do something he loves, and that, my friends, is absolutely great!

But hearts were broken, those of the family going to adopt him, and the heart of the boy.  You see, he said no but he wasn't sure.  He couldn't sign the paper saying he didn't want to be adopted.  He hugged the people whom had come for him and sat with them instead.

It's scary, yes.  He isn't a baby. The orphanage and that world is all he knows.  To have to face leaving it in such a way as to let go of everything?  But at the same time, someone is holding out a hand to you, offering something you did so very much want...  and he did want them.  Now, he is torn and just doesn't know what to do.  Have you ever been so torn about a decision you have to make, knowing that either choice will -not could- change your life forever?  And I've thought that some choices I've had to make were hard... but they were nothing, compared to what he has to decide.

He needs to make the decision by this Friday, to be adopted or not.   The family is praying that the boy's heart is in the right place, whether that means going home with them or him staying there.  They are praying for what's best for him.

I pray for peace for all of them in his decision.  Please, join them here, today.

Thank you.

UPDATE 06.01.2012:  He chose adoption!  He chose it almost after they left!  He wrote the letter then and there and signed it the next morning!  And he looks happy in his pictures taken after!  Click here.

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